It is an understanding that each individual is unique and that we recognise the individual regardless of gender, ethnicity, cultural background, age, sexual orientation, physical ability, or religious beliefs.

We consider our talented and diverse workforce as a key competitive advantage: our business success is a reflection of the quality and skill of our people, whose capabilities and experiences is an asset to our business and to our clients.

A Culture of Respect

Quay believes in treating all people with respect and dignity, with a founding mandate from our principals to build a culture based on ‘treating every individual in the same manner as they themselves wish to be treated.’

We strive to create and foster a supportive and understanding environment in which our people can realise their maximum potential within the company, regardless of their differences.

We are committed to employing the best people to do the best job possible based on the belief that the diversity of our people makes us more creative, flexible, productive, and competitive.

A Safe and Pleasant Working Environment

Quay is committed to providing a safe and pleasant working environment for all of our employees, with the following principles:

  • Our workforce is very diverse and reflects the diversity of our clients
  • Equal pay: We pay our people based on skill, experience and best fit for the role
  • Flexibility: We offer flexible working to support our staff’s individual needs.
  • Parents back to work: We offer flexible work arrangements to support skilled staff who are re-entering the workforce after taking time out to start and raise their families.
  • Zero tolerance: We have a zero tolerance policy where sexual harassment, bullying or any form of harassment occurs in the workplace.
  • An inclusive workplace: We offer a truly inclusive workplace where every individual can shine, irrespective of gender, cultural identity, age, workstyle, disability, or approach. We actively foster an inclusive culture with openness, honesty and integrity.
  • Open door management: Our management team have an open door policy where every individual is encouraged to contribute.

Our commitment to diversity is led by the Head of People and Culture who is responsible for ensuring that our diversity policy is articulated in the day to day running and the strategic direction of the company.

More Information

Download this policy here. To find out more about how Quay applies its Diversity Policy, please contact us on 02 9098 6300 or our contact page.