Change management is a critical enabler to achieving the business goals of any project. Focus must be on the people within the business who will be impacted by the change and how to best engage them on the journey.

Quay’s change consultants identify the points of impact and resistance within an organisation so that effective change can be implemented as part of projects and programs.

Stakeholders and user groups can then be brought along on the journey, encouraging controlled input into the process and thereby encouraging successful transformation.

Quay drives a high degree of collaboration and engagement with users and senior stakeholders during the planning and execution of change within the organisation.

Quay Change consultants ensure that the desired change outcomes for projects are identified, understood, planned for and executed to the organisation’s quality expectations through three stages:

Strategy Understand the nature of the change, the risks and who is impacted (i.e. stakeholder identification and impact assessment).
Planning Fit-for-purpose plans for executing the change including on-going stakeholder engagement, communications and training planning and delivery, and the embedding of business process changes.
Execution Execute against the change plans to deliver fit-for-purpose change activities, including communications, training, business process changes and other activities defined as part of the planning process.

Our collaborative change approach ensures that clients are fully engaged during the full life cycle of the change and can more effectively identify and manage change within their business. Quay’s expertise can be applied to:

  • Business projects and programs
  • Transformational programs
  • Infrastructure projects
  • Application projects
  • Services
During the execution of a project Quay approaches change from two change perspectives: foundational and operational.

The Quay Change Management Practice provides expert guidance to help businesses undertaking significant change to embed new processes, policies and quality management during project execution.

Foundational Change

Foundational change is established during the early stages of a project or program of work to guarantee the change approach is set up for success.

It ensures the change requirements for project delivery are understood and stakeholder engagement plans, business process changes, communications and training plans are developed within the context of the strategy.

Operational Change

Operational change is the execution of the identified change activities during the project. Quay Change consultants are highly skilled in the field of change.

We provide the requisite expertise to optimise the delivery of the identified change within the business via excellent scope, time, cost and quality management during the execution of any change activities.

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