Relocating your business is a multifaceted challenge, as it impacts every user, every system, and requires careful management to minimise disruptions.

A well-executed business relocation typically features three critical components: project management, change management, and a detailed understanding of how to optimise the technology experience of your employees as they join their new workplace.

We have delivered many relocation projects and know that it takes a holistic set of relocation capabilities to ensure a smooth, effective transition for your people and IT.

A good relocation is more than a lift and shift of what you already have; it’s an opportunity to provide your teams with an experience uplift, whether you’re moving to a greenfield location or an intrabuild relocation and fit out.

Moving premises gives your business the ability to reimagine how your team can utilise workspace in more dynamic ways and consider whether your people will benefit from activity-based work, new collaboration spaces, or workspace tech support.

Design, execution, and management of relocation.

Our expert teams tackle essential components that every successful relocation needs:

Project Management: From start to finish, our experience relocations project teams guide your move, overseeing all logistical aspects to ensure continuity and minimal disruption. We help your teams to design the scope, the logistics, and support your teams to be up and running as quickly as possible.

Change Management: There is a very human aspect of relocation, which requires that your people adjust to a new location well. We implement robust change strategies, impact analysis, meet and address user concerns, and facilitate a smooth change to a new work environment.

IT Return Brief The IT Return Brief focuses on capturing the key technology outcomes required from your relocation project, including a high-level design of each element, general commentary about what can or will be achieved, and a requirements traceability matrix tying the outcomes to the key requirements. Moving to a new workspace offers up many opportunities to gain additional capacity and benefits from your technology investment, including end-user tech, printing, telecommunications, video and audio conferencing, network infrastructure and smart workspaces.

Once the known requirements are documented, we explore opportunities with your stakeholders and working groups to optimise and leverage technology for your new workspace.

End-to-end Approach to Relocating Your Business

Quay Consulting has a proven track record in delivering well designed and efficient relocations for our clients.

Our streamlined project, change, and IT services are designed to handle diverse challenges, from global site relocations to complete building restacks. We ensure technology alignment, business continuity, and enhanced user experiences is delivered across all projects. 

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