Managing a workforce is a challenging process and as the dynamics of permanent, contract and casual employees continue to change, the drive to automate workforce management is a central part of many transformation programs.

As automation reaches maturity, organisations are now looking to optimise rostering and workforce scheduling in an ever-changing environment.

Effective workforce management (WFM) is responsive to the changing demands of an organisation, with systems and tools in place to support optimisation of staff scheduling, effective demand forecasting, day-to-day performance and analysis of the business’s needs.

Automating the planning and allocation of work is often the starting point in what can be a very complex process of change.

Managing your workforces is a human-to-human relationship that is difficult to systematise. It cannot be treated as a function in isolation, particularly when WFM relies heavily on integration with other systems. Both the ‘human element’ and systematisation pose unique challenges and impacts for WFM.

We work with our clients to answer four critical questions:

  • Do we have the right Strategy?
  • Do we have the right implementation approach?
  • Do we have the right software and vendors?
  • Do we have the right project structures, resources and processes?

Quay provides the necessary change agents that support an organisation’s journey from traditional workforce methods to automated WFM, which also de-risks the process of change. Working with our consultant team will ensure a high degree of collaboration and engagement with users and senior stakeholders during the planning and execution of the change activities.

Our collaborative change approach ensures that clients are fully engaged during the full life cycle of the change and can more effectively identify and manage change within their business.

When a process touches the collective backpocket of the workforce, effective change management de-risks project outcomes.

Why Quay WFM?

Introducing automation without an experienced and considered approach will significantly increase risk to achieving successful outcomes.

Our Workforce Management Practice provides clients with the essential expertise to define the best WFM strategy for their organisation, Including:

  • Development of a fit-for-purpose WFM strategy
  • Definition of the most appropriate implementation strategy
  • Strategy and assessment of the data, information and knowledge required to enable WFM
  • Identification of the right software and vendors
  • Delivery of WFM implementation into the organisations
  • Independent assessments of in-flight WFM projects
  • WFM Assurance as a business partner to the delivery team

All of our WFM specialists are market-aware and vendor-agnostic, which ensures that what is best for our clients is the primary focus of each engagement.

Our consultants have deep understanding of the end-to-end and people-to-pay processes that are at the core of WFM and the knowledge to support the integration of WFM solutions into other enterprise applications such as ERP, HR and payroll.

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