Schedule Management is the cornerstone of project delivery performance and the basis for meeting stakeholders’ expectations.

An approved baseline schedule is the delivery statement that expresses scope, time frames, cost, quality and manageable risk for project success.

Master schedules provide the holistic view for enterprise programmes and illustrate a clear, critical path across programmes of work, for example:

  • Project teams have a clear view of what is expected from them and when
  • Financial stakeholders can obtain a view of project expenditure, past, present and future.
  • The project sponsor can see what the project team will deliver, and focus on benefits realisation
  • Individual project managers can see the influence their schedules have, within a programme of work
  • Earned Value provides schedule performance information, allowing project managers to focus on exceptions.
Quay’s Scheduling Practice is results-oriented and offers specialist scheduling management services.

Armed with an approved baseline schedule and regular progress updates, project managers can clearly manage and control project delivery, objectively state how the team are progressing and present options to senior stakeholders if corrective action is required to meet delivery objectives.

With these structures in place, understanding and applying Earned Value Management gives stakeholders the objective measures they need to assess cost and delivery performance.

Quay’s Scheduling Practice will work with your team to develop well-crafted baseline schedules for your stakeholders that demonstrate:

  • What the project will deliver
  • What activities the team will execute and the dependencies they have on one another
  • The sequence in which activity execution will take place
  • The number of work-periods required to execute the work
  • The types of resources and costs required to deliver the project
  • How the current schedule is performing against the approved baseline schedule
Quay’s specialist schedule management consultants will partner with clients to develop individual project schedules and master schedules across programmes of work.

Our consultants are well versed in scheduling tools such as Oracle Primavera, MS Project and Clarity, which enables us to support your existing Project Management function and any resources we may provide.

Individual project schedules and master schedules are important communication tools that enable your teams work on the right activities to achieve the right outcomes for on-time delivery with confidence.

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