Capability uplift is about equipping your team with the skills they need to do what is required of them, resulting in better business outcomes.

It’s more than textbook knowledge: it’s about ensuring that your team develops core competencies through targeted education to remove the capability gap. Quay understands that when you invest in your people there is a business benefit to be derived.

Whether it is on the job skill enhancement by working alongside your team, formal coursework, or peer-to-peer roundtable sessions, Quay’s approach to capability uplift addresses specific business needs in a clear, concise manner utilising proven practices.

Effective education enables individuals and teams to acquire and apply appropriate knowledge and skills that translate to immediate on-the-job performance improvements.

Leadership is built not in the classroom but in the trenches of life. Woven through the whole fabric of Quay’s philosophy is the desire to build leaders who understand and can confront and resolve the issues facing modern organisations.

Our consultants bring real-world knowledge and experience into each interaction with your staff. We help your team develop the competencies they need today and will need tomorrow.

Our consultants are experienced practitioners who bring their real-world experience and knowledge to students in a relevant and highly practical way, which enables them to apply their new knowledge immediately within your business.

Effective education enables individuals and teams to acquire and apply appropriate knowledge and skills that translate to immediate on-the-job performance improvements.

Quay’s approach to capability uplift is resourced by highly skilled professionals, delivering proven accessible content in effective formats. Our educational services are provided in five key ways:

Collaborative learning

With the rapid change of technology and an ever-evolving business environment, connecting with professional peers is a valuable means of accessing contemporary knowledge on solving some of those issues.

Quay Collaborate offers practitioners in project management, change, and architecture to engage in an open, honest, collaborative environment on the issues, challenges and opportunities they encounter when executing the responsibilities within their roles.

Quay Academy

The Quay Academy provides pragmatic, real-world capability uplift that is tailored to your requirements with the focus on building skills that can be applied on the job immediately. All course content is grounded in solid theory, drawing on best practice and years of accumulated know-how. The content, format and delivery can adapt to the learning styles of each individual, providing the right outcomes at the right time.

Project Management Training

Project success requires skilled practitioners. Quay provides focused seminars and workshops to equip project stakeholders to deliver against their roles and responsibilities. Seminars and workshops are targeted at general capability uplift across a general audience, with workshops designed to address specific needs within a project team or group.

Transformational Leadership

The uncertainty, global turbulence and organizational instability of the changing business environment requires transformational leaders who can promote performance beyond expectations and who can affect enormous changes within individuals and their organizations.

Coaching and Mentoring

Regardless of our position, skill or knowledge, good coaches and mentors can challenge us to rise to the next level. Whether dealing with general leadership, specific technical skills or people problems, Quay’s experienced professionals act as sounding boards and advisors, either to address short-term issues or to develop longer-term capability uplift.

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