Keeping portfolio, programme and project execution aligned with business need and business drivers is a challenge many organisations face. A high functioning PMO is necessary to deliver successful programs and portfolios, providing both leadership and governance that is relevant to the business.

An effective PMO balances governance with delivery enablement, clearing the path within the business to facilitate change. A relevant PMO uses a consultative approach to identify what success look like, sets up the right environment, and sources the appropriate capability to deliver change.

We design your transformation initiatives so that each is set up for successs, with the right people, processes, systems, governance and structures in place from the outset.

Quay’s approach to the PMO is designed to deliver core functional and operational benefits to our clients, helping them to optimise corporate spend and ensure that it is aligned to major business priorities.

As businesses undertake significant change in their organisation, our consultants facilitate the planning, strategy, execution and evaluation of projects within a quality assurance framework. Our clients can tap into our expertise and collateral on key PMO considerations, including strategy, methodology, risk management, critical success factors and the application of fit-for-purpose and best practice PMO establishment and support.

Quay’s PMO Practice is a results-oriented practice, resourced by highly skilled, senior professionals to ensure that our client’s PMOs see optimal return on investment from their projects.

We provide organisations with an enviable knowledge base equipped with the tools and techniques they need to implement, enhance and resource a Project Management Office.

We offer PMO expertise in two key service groups:

Enterprise PMO (EPMO)

Enterprise PMOs work across the entire organisation, setting standards and creating alignment between the business strategy and key business drivers. Quay’s consultants can assist enterprise PMOs with fit-for purpose frameworks that ensure that the right projects are being selected for the organisation and that they are delivered in a consistent and repeatable way to return the benefits they set out to achieve.

Transformational PMO (TPMO)

Quay’s Transformational PMO service is designed to ensure that there is a fit-for-purpose governance structure in place for an organisation’s transformation or specific programme of work and that projects are set up for success, properly supported and professionally managed. We achieve this by having the right people in place with the requisite expertise for your industry to enable and facilitate better decision-making.

Our consultants are highly skilled at project optimisation through the application of the right expertise, tools and techniques and by being proactive in their responsibility to deliver effective outcomes.

Maturity Assessment

Quay’s PMO services can be engaged to provide a capability assessment of your PMO. We fit the resource to the need, whether it is:

  • Establishing a PMO
  • Applying our Assurance process to the PMO to identify issues or resource needs
  • Providing a roadmap for your PMO’s maturity
  • Enhancing your current team with additional skilled resources

In many cases it may be a combination of the above, depending on the organisation’s requirements and needs.

Your PMO investment

We recognise that whilst the benefits of a PMO are clear to most executives, it can represent a significant investment. To meet the needs of our clients, Quay has created a PMO-as-a-service model, which allows our clients to draw upon their PMO on a needs basis, creating a one-to-one supply and demand match.

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