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Capitalising on the opportunities offered in an era of unprecedented disruption requires a radical re-think of the ‘people’ factor. Quite simply, people need to learn differently.

Successful organisations focus on cultivating a culture of continuous learning with effective peer-to-peer learning as the core foundation.

It’s all about developing project leaders to make better decisions and achieve better results through exposure to different networks, different problems and different ways of thinking. When you join Quay Collaborate, you become part of a trusted peer community, sharing insights, challenges, concerns and ideas.

What is Quay Collaborate?

Becoming a member of Quay Collaborate provides access to a trusted community for sharing insights, challenges, concerns and ideas. Our sessions support project professionals to:

  • Discuss contemporary challenges
  • Share best practice ideas and practical experience
  • Network with like-minded experts
  • Collaborate with their peers on solutions
  • Keep up to date with developments within both the industry and the discipline.

Each session is led by a professional facilitator. This enables network groups to engage in an open, honest, collaborative environment on the issues, challenges and opportunities they encounter when executing the responsibilities within their roles.

“It’s all about developing project leaders who make better decisions and achieve better results through exposure, engagement, and different ways of thinking from industry peers.”

Here’s how it works:

  • It starts with a group: Each group is designed for members to help each other in solving their most pressing issues and concerns, generate fresh perspectives, and new ideas. Our Project Management, Change Management, and Architecture groups meet regularly throughout the year.
  • Expert facilitators: Our Quay Collaborate chairs are standout project mentors who have senior-level expertise, expertise in coaching, and are leaders in their field. Our chairs oversee and guide each session, lending their experience to support members become better leaders.
  • Industry-leaders as Speakers: Our speakers are industry leaders who provide tailored workshops in a small-group setting. Their role is to cover a range of topics, motivate and challenge members, and generate fresh ideas and strategies that can be easily implemented.
  • Mentoring: The Chair actively supports and encourages members in their pursuit of personal and professional development in quarterly 1:1 coaching sessions, supporting accountability for taking action to achieve their goals and targets.
“Quay Collaborate sessions provide a valuable environment for open and honest dialogue about the challenges and opportunities in our industry. It’s a fresh format that I get a lot of insight from.”

We support our members to optimise leadership, strategic focus, and practical solutions. If you’d like to join us for a complimentary session or find out more about membership, contact us on 02 9098 6300.

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