It’s a sobering thought, but surveys suggest that 35% of software projects fail due to poor or inadequate testing, test management and lack of leadership. Resolving issues or defects in the later stages of a project can have significant cost impacts.

Understanding your business and creating an appropriate test environment with a strong assurance framework can ensure the quality and sustainability of solutions being deployed into your business are set up for success from the outset.

It’s not just about testing to make sure that everything is working correctly; it’s about testing what happens when things fail along the way and having contingency plans in place to minimise business impact.

When businesses introduce new solutions to improve efficiencies, streamline processes or improve the bottom line, it’s important to ensure that the right test approach and supporting environment exists to substantiate the quality of the solution before it’s deployed.

Quay’s specialist Test Consultants work with you to strategise, scope and deliver fit-for-purpose testing solutions that ensure only the quality levels you require are deployed.

Quay provides skilled resources and capabilities needed to develop the right test strategy, the right processes and the right testing tools. Our specialist test consultants are equipped to create or review your testing approach, environment and deliverables to ensure they are appropriate including:

  • Identify testing procedures and processes that require attention
  • Understand Non-production environment limitations and manage the gap with the right quality gates.
  • Implement a prioritisation to testing
  • Implement a risk based testing approach where different project factors are used as levers to deliver projects on time without compromising quality
  • Not only help drive testing consistency and repeatability within a project but also across the whole organisation.
  • End-to-End Application testing solution

Our Test Management Practice not only provides easy to use testing tools, templates and matrices but also brings along a proactive, pragmatic and continuous improvement attitude and experience to the client.

We review the current testing state for our clients and identify opportunities to enhance end-to-end testing processes.

The right test strategy and total quality assurance plan can provide tangible benefits to our client such as:

  • Reducing the total cost of testing
  • Enhancing the software quality level
  • Reducing the time to market
  • Pre-developing simple and easy testing tools for client to use

Quay’s Quality Assurance approach facilitates success by ensuring that firm testing policies, protocols, quality gates and debugging goals are established to support successful delivery of testing phases of projects within defined budget and quality.

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