How can the relationship between project teams and sponsors influence a project’s success? Explore the essential enablers and challenges within this crucial aspect of project delivery.

Project sponsors play a crucial role in the success of a project and are responsible for providing the necessary resources, support, and they have the authority to make decisions that impact the project, such as those regarding budget, resources, and priorities, and provide funding both initially and throughout the project.

So what can make or break the relationship? Here are five insights from the archive to explore.

The Exceptional Sponsor: 5 Keys to Success

Exceptional sponsors are the proverbial unicorn: Rare as hen’s teeth, highly valued if you can find one, and one of the most important assets you’ll ever have in delivering successful projects. Regardless of what a PM may—or may not—do, one of the key ingredients to successful project delivery is what an exceptional sponsor brings to the table. And it’s up to the PM to be able to identify and leverage them.

The Inexperienced Sponsor: How Project Managers Can Support and Develop Effective Sponsor Engagement

The relationship between Project Managers and Project Sponsors is a critical one. Without a doubt, forming a productive working relationship with a project sponsor can be a challenging prospect for project managers. Establishing a relationship with a new sponsor, however, is particularly fraught. What, then, must a project manager do to ensure that the relationship with a new sponsor is both collaborative and productive, in addition to ensuring that the sponsor gets the support they need?

Managing Success with a First-Time Sponsor

The success or otherwise of a project often comes down to the quality of both the sponsor and the project manager and if you’re an experienced PM working with a new sponsor, drawing on project fundamentals and the softer skills of project management can make all the difference to their – and your – success.

Developing Better Sponsors

Defining what makes a ‘good’ project sponsor is often difficult – how can your project sponsors better understand the demands of their role? One of the foundation stones of successful project delivery is, without question, solid sponsorship. However, the definition of what makes a ‘good’ sponsor is often misunderstood.

A PM’s Perspective on the Criticality of Sponsors (Listen in)

Sponsors are a vital part of the success – or failure – of a project. Listen in to Quay Conversations as Rod and Bec explore a PM’s perspective on the critical relationship between sponsors and project managers.

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