$294k, 7482 laps and 29,928 km. It’s an effort that will make a tangible difference to kids who are in the endurance race that is cancer.

Twenty teams of riders participated in this year’s 2016 Endure For A Cure on Thursday May 8, cycling for 12 hours to raise research funds for the Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia. CCIA focuses on providing better treatments for children via its Personalised Medicine Program, and at $15,000 per patient, this year’s fundraising efforts will make it possible for CCIA to help up to 20 kids.

“This is the kind of money will make a material difference to a kid diagnosed with cancer in the future,” says Quay Principal, Rod Adams, who is also a board member for Endure For A Cure.

A Ride in Solidarity with Sick Kids and Their Families

“Getting out on the track and riding for 12 hours is a personal endurance race and for many of us, it’s our third go. But while we each have our own goal to do better than last year and increase how much money we can raise, we all know why we’re here: It’s to help kids with cancer.”

“Most of us know someone who has been affected by cancer or several of us know kids who are dealing with it right now.” said Michael Bolton, Principal at Quay. “We get to go home after our stint in the saddle, but those kids can’t, so what’s a litte chaffing and sore muscles by comparison?”

Kicking off at 7am, the teams took to the track as the sun came up to get their laps underway and for many, this was the third time they at Endure For a Cure with 129 riders taking part. The corporate teams were joined for the first time by [x] students from three Sydney schools for a five-hour stint.

“The school kids took the opportunity to raise funds so they could be here on the day and then set to work to put in over 3,000km. That’s no small feat. We hope to get more schools to participate next year, but it was a fantastic effort from Davidson High, McKellar Girls and Manly Selective,” said Rod.

For Team Quay, there some personal bests in the team’s collective 1220kms cycled on the day and a fundraising total of more than $12,000 to CCIA. Donations have continued to come in from generous friends, family, clients and colleagues, which will enable Quay to contribute close to $15,000 in total.

A Group Effort: Clients Join Team Quay

“It was great to have our sales team back out on the track and Team Quay was rounded out by Jesse Kennedy from Poor Tom’s Gin, Dean Fisher from Kordia, Aidan Coleman from Charter Hall and Peter Dennis from BT Financial Group,” said Brad Kane, Senior BDM.

“Getting out on the circuit, spurring each other on and doing our best to get as many KMs in as possible – you can’t beat that kind of energy when you’re starting to lose all sensation in your extremities! It’s been a great experience for all of us.”

First-timer, Jenny Turner also found the event to be one of the best she’s been involved in.

“This was my first year at Endure for a Cure,” said Jenny, Senior BDM at Quay. “The comraderie is unreal, everyone knew why they were there and we had such great support from the CCIA volunteers across the day. They kept us in food, drinks and great spirits.”

Quay Consulting would like to extend a huge thanks to the colleagues, friends and family who supported our efforts this year. The dollars raised will go a very long way to helping CCIA make a difference in their research.

“For a small business, we’re really proud of what the team achieved this year. But it’s the people who put their hand in their pocket or purse that are the ones that really made our contribution to CCIA possible,” said Rod. “We want to thank everyone who made a contribution this year to help us hit our targets.”

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